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About the Energy charter

Together, deliver
energy for a better

The Energy Charter is a national CEO-led collaboration that supports the energy sector towards a customer-centric future.  Our core values of “Be invested, make a difference”, “Be open, learn and improve”, and “Think big, be bold” are brought to life through #BetterTogether initiatives focused on delivering better customer outcomes for all Australians.

“During 2020 many energy consumers faced new challenges due to bushfires, floods and COVID-19. I’m honoured to take on the role of the Chair of the CEO Council so that the Energy Charter can continue to push for collaboration right across the industry to ensure better outcomes and support for energy customers during 2021.”

Frank Tudor, 2021 Chair of the CEO Council, MD Jemena 

New Energy Charter Signatory levels enable organisations across the energy supply chain, and others such as regulatory bodies, government agencies or industry organisations, to collaborate using the architecture of the Energy Charter, and leverage high impact areas to deliver better outcomes for consumers and communities.

COVID-19 Customer Research

COVID-19 Consumer Vulnerability Research, Wave 3, Quarter 2, June 2021 was conducted to understand the degree of customer vulnerability, as well as customers’ consumption and sentiment towards energy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, via survey between April 28th to May 3rd 2021.

Customer Voice @ Board

This #BetterTogether initiative has developed a Customer Voice @ Board Resource with better practice options for Energy Charter signatories to consider to ensure the customer voice is appropriately influencing the strategic decision-making and direction of our energy businesses.

National Customer Code

The National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers aims to give large customers confidence that we are working together in their best interests and delivering value to them.

Our News

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Learn more about the Energy Charter and how we can all work together to embed a customer-centric culture within the Australian energy industry.

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