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TOGETHER, creating a better energy future for all Australians

We are the Energy Charter: a unique CEO-led collaboration of like-minded energy organisations with a shared purpose and passion for customers and communities.

Our purpose is to empower one another across the energy supply chain to deliver better energy outcomes for customers and communities. Our vision is that together, we can create a better energy future for all Australians.

For us, the opportunity is to keep humans at the centre of the design and delivery of energy solutions; to navigate the changing needs of customers and communities as we transform to a cleaner energy future.

There really is no other collaboration like us; and the work we do, together, has never been more important than it is today. 

We are #BetterTogether.

Sean Mc Goldrick

It’s clear we are well and truly in the most significant period of change our industry has faced for decades. Our challenge is to deliver on what our customers and communities value most, while enabling the transition to a clean energy future. Together, we have a unique opportunity to ensure that the energy transition is delivered in a way that benefits customers and communities, not leaves them behind.

Seán Mc Goldrick

CEO Council Chair 2024 + CEO TasNetworks

Priority #BetterTogether initiatives

Concessions Awareness and Engagement

Ongoing energy concessions can reduce electricity and gas bills. This campaign aims to target the 60% of people who are eligible for ongoing concessions and are not taking them up to help with energy and gas bill pressures. 

Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code

The Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code aims to keep customers connected by introducing a knock on the door to deliver them information when their energy is at risk of disconnection through not paying their energy bill.

National Landholder Engagement Training

Our National Landholder Engagement Training supports those engaging with landholders on renewable energy development to do job their job well, while keeping themselves and the landholders they’re working with physically and emotionally safe.

Landholder + Community Social Licence

This initiative focuses on social licence issues associated with the energy transition. With the accelerating pace of the energy transition and the need to ensure that nobody is left behind, we are collaborating with the Ag Energy Taskforce and community representatives on social licence initiatives.

Energy Charter Accountability

Every year Full Energy Charter Signatories publicly disclose against each of the Energy Charter’s Five Principles, including how previous commitments have been met, self-assessed maturity and how they will continue to improve for customers and communities. CEOs also meet face-to-face with customer and community representatives to discuss how they can do better. 


First Nations CoP March 2024
28 March 2024

Leading Practice Principles with KPMG

Watch the recording of the First Nations Better Practice Community Engagement ‘Community of Practice’ with KPMG Indigenous Services and KPMG Banarra for insight into the Leading Practice Principles: First Nations and Renewable Energy Projects.

26 March 2024

Renewables + Biodiversity Collaboration Guide online discussion

Watch the online discussion with RE-Alliance, Powerlink Queensland and Energy Estate on the application of the new Collaboration Guide and how we can spark new discussions between industry, government and communities.

18 March 2024

Why does impact matter?

Discover the insights from our recent panel discussion with Thriving Communities Partnership and Action With Impact on why defining, measuring and communicating the impact of our work for delivering better outcomes for customers and communities. 

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