Concessions Campaign 'Keep the money. It's yours'

National Energy Concessions Awareness Campaign

This National Energy Concessions Awareness Campaign ‘Take the money. It’s yours’ makes it easy for you to raise awareness about ongoing energy concessions among your customers and/or communities. With a range of campaign materials, there’s a variety of simple ways to get involved and help spread the message.

Why is this campaign important?

Ongoing energy concessions can reduce electricity and gas bills. Today, many people are facing increasing energy prices and other cost-of-living pressures; however, around 40% of people1 who are eligible for ongoing concessions are not taking them up.

The primary target for this campaign is people who have a Commonwealth concession card (such as a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card, a Centrelink HealthCare Card or Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card).

Ongoing energy concessions, and how you access them, vary depending on where you live in Australia. This campaign is about raising awareness in the first instance.

How can you get involved?

Step 2 - Audience

Choose the campaign materials that will appeal to your audiences

Step 3 - Materials

Download the campaign materials from the Toolkit

Step 4 - Channels

Share them via your organisation’s communication channels

Step 5 - Keep it going!

Keep the campaign going until December 2023

Step 6 - Track

Download the Activity tables to understand scale and reach

Download the 'Keep the money. It's yours' Promotion Toolkit

What’s in the toolkit?

  1. Campaign assets (poster, social media, digital banner and fact sheet)
  2. Talking points/scripts
  3. Indigenous assets
  4. 11 translated assets
  5. Auslan and captioned video
  6. More information about this campaign and tracking

Track your activity

Please complete the quick tables, downloadable from the Toolkit, 4 to 6 weeks after you have used the campaign assets, to track your activity. This will help us to understand the scale and reach of the campaign.

Info for customer + hardship teams

If you work with customers and want a quick overview of the campaign, download this Information for customer and hardship teams. This will help prepare customer service teams for enquiries they may receive as a result of the campaign. 

Meet the team - Bec


Reach out to our Director, Collaboration

If you would like more information about the Concessions Awareness and Engagement Campaign, including how you can get involved, please reach out to Bec Jolly Director, Collaboration.