#BetterTogether – Customer-led Tariffs

#BetterTogether - Customer-Led Tariffs

As the energy system looks for innovative ways to reduce and manage energy network constraints, there is a fantastic opportunity to put customers and communities at the centre of network tariff designs to better understand, manage and meet customer demands.

Taking a customer-centred, innovative approach to tariff designs can help facilitate the energy transition for the benefit of both customers and energy businesses.

What’s the Customer-Led Tariffs initiative?

This #BetterTogether Customer-Led Tariffs initiative focuses on how energy businesses across networks and retailers can deliver better customer and community outcomes as the uptake of consumer energy resources (CER) expands over the next decade.

This initiative aims to demonstrate how CER enhancing network tariff reforms can be implemented, to the benefit of all customers and the energy ecosystem. Importantly it’s being led from the top, with CEOs actively collaborating through the platform of the Energy Charter.

Collaborators on this initiative will work towards:

  1. Designing tariffs that send a meaningful price signal to retailers to coordinate customer load and to demonstrate how a retailer can develop simple product offerings for customers off the back of that tariff
  2. Promoting the uptake of CER through increased value for participation to all customers and retailers, for improved efficient operation of distribution networks, while maintaining the financial health of the energy ecosystem.

This #BetterTogether initiative will also work towards demonstrating that these network tariffs can be universally applied by all networks and enable retailers to design simple product offerings quickly and affordably for CER customers.


Industry Collaborators: EnergyAustralia, Essential Energy and SA Power Networks, led by CEOs.

Customer Outcomes Group: Vinnies, Energy Consumers Australia, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW.

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Want to learn more about this #BetterTogether initiative?

If you would like to learn more about the #BetterTogether Customer-led Tariffs initiative, or how you can get involved, please reach out to Sabiene Heindl, CEO Energy Charter.