Communities of Practice

Energy Charter Communities of Practice provide an opportunity for knowledge sharing, thought leadership and continuous improvement.

They focus on insight sharing and building capability within the energy sector – and beyond – to deliver better customer and community outcomes.

Each Community of Practice:

  • Inspires and enables action by showcasing better practice examples, sharing customer research, inviting lived-experience insights or hosting expert-led discussions on key topics.
  • Contributes to an open-access repository of contemporary resources.
  • Creates a professional community dedicated to fostering business cultures that focus decision making on delivering better customer and community outcomes.

Our Communities

Know Your Customers + Communities

This Community of Practice drives robust and fit-for-purpose customer, community and stakeholder engagement to ensure the ‘customer voice’ is heard at all levels within business.


This Community of Practice builds capacity for the energy sector to support individual customers and communities to better plan for, and respond to, more frequent and severe disaster events.

First Nations Better Practice Engagement

This Community of Practice brings us together to hear from First Nations-led thought leaders, who share thier knowledge and engagement ideas across the energy and water sectors.