Meet the Energy Charter team

Seán Mc Goldrick

Seán Mc Goldrick

CEO Council Chair 2024 + CEO TasNetworks

Energy Charter Signatories welcome Seán Mc Goldrick, CEO of Tasmania’s electricity transmission and distribution network, TasNetworks, as the Chair of the CEO Council for 2024.

Seán commenced as CEO with TasNetworks in August 2021. Prior to his appointment, Seán was a senior executive in the utility industry, having served at managerial and board level for energy organisations worldwide. He joined the executive team at TransGrid in 2019 and was responsible for overseeing the delivery of several major transmission projects across NSW and the ACT.

Sabiene Heidl

Sabiene Heindl

Chief Executive Officer

Sabiene has held a range of senior leadership roles across the energy, telco, music, media and legal sectors focused on transformational change. With a background as a corporate lawyer, she holds an Executive MBA from Brown University (USA) and IE Business School (Spain), law and international business degrees. She has always been passionate about inspiring change and doing things better! Thinking BIG and being BOLD (Energy Charter values) are part of her DNA. 

Outside work, Sabiene loves sailing, yoga, her two kelpies Billie and Banjo, and supporting a range of charitable organisations in making the world a better place. 

Sabiene’s superpowers: Sabiene is an intuitive activator. She uses her intuition and experience to bring to life innovative ideas. She loves bringing people together to inspire them to do better.  

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Bec Jolly

Bec Jolly 

Director, Energy Equity 

Bec has over 15 years’ experience enabling sectors and communities to work together. Her background spans from all levels of government, not-for-profits and the private sector. She is motivated by systemic changes that work to support all people (leaving no one behind). Fundamentally, she is a community development practitioner who relies on her curiosity to continually learn and her positivity to identify possibilities. This commitment extends to the for-purpose group Hive that she founded in 2008, connecting communities with their services, businesses, institutions and sectors. 

Bec’s superpowers: Bec is an intuitive activator – able to assess situations quickly and accurately, and rally people to act. Collaborative by nature, she is experienced at bringing people together to reach their shared goals.  

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Heather Wagland

Heather Wagland

Director, Energy Transition

Heather has over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, championing positive environmental, cultural and social outcomes. With a background in environmental planning, her experience encompasses project strategies, corporate governance, and government policy across a range of aspects that influence social licence. She is passionate about collaborating on issues of concern to communities and supporting improved sustainability outcomes.

Outside of work, Heather loves a wide range of creative pursuits, being part of community groups, and spending time with her family.

Heather’s superpowers: Heather is a natural collaborator and organiser, who seeks to bring together ideas and skills to deliver an outcome greater than the sum of the parts.

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Sarah Whitehouse

Sarah Whitehouse

Communications and Community Manager 

Sarah has over 7 years’ experience in marketing and communications, with a passion for creating consistent and easy to understand messages and content. Her background spans across both business to business and customer-facing roles across multiple industries including financial services, regulations and standards, always placing the customers and communities at the centre of what she does. She is passionate about delivering campaigns end-to-end, bringing stakeholders together and delivering transformational outcomes.

Outside of work, Sarah loves walking, baking, tackling home projects and spending time with the family including her Jack Russell, Daisy, as well as supporting the people around her to continually strive to do more of what makes them happy. 

Sarah’s superpowers: Sarah is a reliable go-getter. She puts in the extra yards to make sure projects are completed with great attention to detail and derives energy and joy from providing encouragement and assistance for projects and tasks.