Know Your Customers + Communities​

Community of Practice – Know Your Customers + Communities

Kicked off in 2021, our Community of Practice: Know Your Customers + Communities was created as a collaboration between the Energy Charter and Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) under our WE Collaborate Memo of Understanding.

Over this time, led by co-chairs from the energy and water sectors, we have collaborated to:

  • Co-design the Better Practice Customer Engagement Toolkit and the Better Practice Consumer Advocacy Support Guide
  • Run expert-led discussions across a range of engagement topics specific to the energy and water sectors.
  • Developed a rich Resource Library (below) sharing sessions focused on insight sharing and building capability to better engage with customers and communities and ensure the ‘customer voice’ can be heard across all levels within businesses.

Many of the attendees to these sessions have matured since we first established these sessions, leading to an increase in knowledge, skills and capability.

As a result of more specific learning and sharing in the First Nations Community of Practice and Resilience Community of Practice, we will be focusing on these in 2024. There are no further sessions of the Community of Practice: Know Your Customers + Communities in 2024.

The learning materials and resources will remain here so that you can continue to access them.

Know Your Customers + Communities Resource Library

Discover session recordings, insights and additional resources in our Know Your Customers + Communities Resources Library below that highlight examples of better customer and stakeholder engagement across the energy and water sectors.

Better Practice Toolkits & Guides

The Better Practice Customer Engagement Toolkit helps drive robust processes to determine customer and community needs and to encourage energy businesses to be accountable on how feedback has been considered and incorporated into their decision making. This is an important commitment under the Energy Charter (principle 1.4).

The Better Practice Consumer Advocacy Support Guide was put together to encourage Energy Charter signatories and others to better support consumer advocacy efforts. This is an important commitment under the Energy Charter (Principle 1.4) and was reinforced by a recommendation from the Independent Accountability Panel in its 2020 Report.

Know Your Customers + Communities Sessions