About the Energy Charter

The Energy Charter is an industry led, world-first, whole-of-sector initiative to address customer expectations. 

Our vision is that together, we will deliver energy for a better Australia. 

The Energy Charter has 5 Principles with a number of principles in action:

  1. We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system
  2. We will improve energy affordability for customers
  3. We will provide energy safely, sustainably and reliably
  4. We will improve the customer experience
  5. We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances

The purpose of the Energy Charter is to progress the culture and solutions required to deliver more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for all Australians in line with our community’s expectations.

Our values are “Be invested, make a difference”, “Be open, learn, improve” and “Think big, be bold”.

The Energy Charter Principles

Energy Charter Principles


In 2018, a number of Australian energy businesses across the supply chain came together to develop the Energy Charter. They recognised that better customer outcomes required a whole of industry response. The development of the Energy Charter was a collaborative process with consumer and customer representatives sharing critical perspectives and insights.

The Energy Charter was launched on 31 January 2019.

Disclosure requirements

CEO signatories of the Energy Charter agree to publicly disclose how they are delivering against the Energy Charter Principles annually through public disclosures. The Independent Accountability Panel reviews these annual disclosures, interviews the CEOs and engages with key stakeholders to produce an annual Independent Accountability Panel Report focused on encouraging continuous improvement.

The Energy Charter in Operation sets out further information on governance of the Energy Charter, reporting requirements and the accountability framework that underpins the Energy Charter.

Signing up

Signing up to the Energy Charter is voluntary. All of the energy sector, across electricity, gas and renewables are encouraged to join regardless of where they are in the supply chain.

To find out more, please contact the Energy Charter Director: director@theenergycharter.com.au.

The Energy Charter is a member of The Ethics Alliance –  a community of organisations with a commitment to lead, inspire and shape a better way of working and a better future.

How we work

To support the Energy Charter’s vision, signatory representatives from across the supply chain collaborate through the following unique architecture using our agreed Ways of Working:

The CEO Council – consists of all the CEOs across the Australian energy sector that have committed to the Energy Charter and currently chaired by Ben Wilson, CEO AGIG. The CEO Council meets quarterly to discuss strategic matters aligned with the Energy Charter commitments and provide guidance to the Industry Working Group.

Industry Working Group – consists of senior representatives from each signatory and is currently chaired by Powerlink with deputy chairs, Jemena and APA. The Industry Working Group collaborates together on high level Energy Charter related matters and progresses across-the-supply chain customer-focused #BetterTogether initiatives through their businesses. It works collaboratively with the End-User Consultative Group.

Communications and Stakeholder Working Group – made up of strategic communications and stakeholder representatives from across the Energy Charter signatories is currently chaired by Stanwell and Essential Energy. The Communications and Stakeholder Working Group focuses on building the credibility and reputation of the Energy Charter and engagement with key stakeholders including end-users, government and regulators.

Governance and Accountability Working Group – made up of a number of the Energy Charter signatories, it is currently chaired by Origin Energy. The Governance and Accountability Working Group works with the Independent Accountability Panel and focuses on governance and financials for the Energy Charter.

Measures, Metrics and Maturity Working Group – made up of a number of the Energy Charter signatories, it is currently chaired by Jemena and Energy Queensland. The Measures, Metrics and Maturity Working Group works collaboratively to develop insightful metrics and measures, the form of annual disclosures and the Maturity Model.


The 19 Energy Charter signatories are represented across the Australian energy supply chain.

The Energy Charter supply chain

The Australian energy supply chain

The Energy Charter