Energy Charter Signatories

Signatories of the Energy Charter make a commitment to five Energy Charter Principles to drive a customer-centric culture and build business capability to deliver a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system for all Australians in line with our community’s expectations.

“A culture gap has begun to open up between Energy Charter Signatories and other energy companies. This could be viewed as a sign that the Energy Charter is succeeding.” Independent Accountability Panel Report 2020

“Recommendation 3: The Commission supports the approach from energy businesses to improve customer outcomes through the Energy Charter and encourages more widespread adoption of the Energy Charter.” AEMC Retail Energy Competition Review 2019

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Customer & Community Benefits

  • Centralised engagement with consumers, communities and stakeholders
  • Drive genuine customer voice in decision making
  • Shared understanding of customers and communities
  • Transparency and accountability to your customer commitments
  • Acknowledgement of the need to support customers facing vulnerable circumstances
  • Innovative #BetterTogether framework to build capacity for collaboration across the energy sector to solve customer challenges and deliver better outcomes for customers and communities
  • Collaborative customer research
  • Yearly disclosure on delivered customer and community outcomes within individual businesses and across the supply chain through Energy Charter collaborations

Business Benefits

  • Building trusted relationships across the supply chain and with key stakeholders
  • Sharing and learning better practices between signatories and with other sectors
  • One-stop shop to co-design and collaborate with signatories across the supply chain to solve customer and business challenges within an innovation framework
  • Joining a community of “change makers”
  • Benchmarking your business practices against other businesses
  • Capacity building internally for customer-centric culture change
  • Encouraging growing business maturity through a self-assessed Maturity Model
  • Platform for CEO leadership and talent development for your workforce
  • Promotion of your customer-led activities and outcomes for customers and communities
  • Enhanced reputation and brand recognition with stakeholders
  • Industry-led solutions that reduce the need for regulatory interventions

Energy Charter Signatory Levels

Energy businesses that:

  • Participate in the governance architecture of the Energy Charter including CEO Council and Industry Working Groups
  • Shape the priorities for the #BetterTogether initiatives to leverage high impact areas for meaningful change using the architecture of the Energy Charter to deliver better outcomes for customers
  • Publicly disclose, on an annual basis, how they are delivering against the Energy Charter principles and principles in action, through public disclosures and meetings with the Independent Accountability Panel (IAP). Full Signatories assess their maturity against the Energy Charter Maturity Model, indicating where on the maturity scale they are, where they intend to progress to, over what period and how they plan to achieve this. They receive guidance through the annual IAP Report individually and collectively.

Energy businesses that collaborate in the #BetterTogether initiatives to leverage high impact areas for meaningful change using the architecture of the Energy Charter to deliver better outcomes for customers and communities.

Organisations such as regulatory bodies, government agencies or industry organisations that collaborate in the #BetterTogether initiatives to leverage high impact areas for meaningful change using the architecture of the Energy Charter to deliver better outcomes for consumers and communities.

Current Signatories

Energy Charter Full Signatories

Retails electricity and gas to households and businesses through the ACT and surrounds.

Aurora Energy

Retails electricity and gas to households and businesses throughout Tasmania.


15,000 kilometres of natural gas pipelines that connect sources of supply and markets across mainland Australia. It operates and maintains networks connecting 1.4 million Australian homes and businesses to the benefits of natural gas. It owns or has interests in gas storage facilities, gas-fired power stations and renewable energy generation (wind and solar farms).


Distributor of electricity across Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

Owns and operates infrastructure including gas distribution networks, gas transmission pipelines and storage capacity, that delivers gas for customers across Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.


CleanCo was created in 2018 with Queensland’s most flexible, responsive generation assets to put downward pressure on prices and support the transition to clean energy in a way that drives regional growth and jobs.

A proudly Queensland-owned energy company that generates and sell electricity in the National Electricity Market. CS Energy provides power to some of our state’s biggest industries and employers, and employs more than 550 people who live and work in the Queensland communities where it operates.

Distributor of electricity for Greater Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands and the Illawarra region of NSW.

Provides gas and electricity to residential and business customer accounts in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Queensland. Supplies customers with energy from wholesale markets and its own coal and gas-fired power stations and renewable energy sources.

NSW state-owned electricity infrastructure company which distributes electricity across much of New South Wales (covering 95 percent of the state geography).

QLD Government owned group of electricity distribution, retail and energy services businesses (includes Ergon EnergyErgon NetworksEnergex, and Yurika).

Including Ovida and Zinfra, Jemena delivers energy to over 1.7 million electricity and gas distribution customers across Victoria and New South Wales. The $11.5 billion company, also owns and manages some of Australia’s most significant gas transmission assets including the Eastern Gas Pipeline, Northern Gas Pipeline, and the Queensland Gas Pipeline. Ovida delivers sustainable energy solutions to Australian businesses by offering them renewable energy services and products. Zinfra is a contracting business that provides engineering, design and construction as well as field based maintenance and operational services across gas and electricity assets.

WA State Government-owned corporation that provides electricity to residents and businesses across regional and remote Western Australia.

Meridian Energy is a renewable generator with wind farms and hydro power stations in three Australian states and various renewable assets in New Zealand. Powershop is an energy retailer with residential and business customers across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and South East Queensland.

QLD Government Owned Corporation that owns, develops, operates and maintains the electricity transmission network in Queensland.

Queensland Government Owned generation and electricity retail business whose customers are large commercial and industrial energy users.

Operates and manages the high-voltage electricity network within NSW and the ACT, connecting NSW to Queensland and Victoria.