Architecture of the Energy Charter

To support the Energy Charter’s unique vision, Energy Charter representatives from across the supply chain collaborate through the following architecture using our agreed Ways of Working:

  1. The CEO Executive Council – made up of CEOs that are representative across the supply chain: retail, distribution, transmission and generation. The CEO Executive Council meets quarterly to discuss Priority #BetterTogether initiatives and the strategic direction of the Energy Charter.
  2. The CEO Council – consists of all the CEOs across the Australian energy sector that have fully committed to the Energy Charter. The CEO Council meets 2-3 times yearly to discuss strategic matters aligned with the Energy Charter commitments and customer outcomes and provide guidance to the Industry Working Group.

In addition, working groups include the following:

  • Industry Working Group – consists of senior representatives from each Signatory and is currently chaired by Endeavour Energy and AGIG. The Industry Working Group collaborates together on high level Energy Charter related matters and progresses #BetterTogether collaboration. It works collaboratively with the End-User Consultative Group.
  • Governance and Accountability Working Group – supports governance and resourcing for the Energy Charter.
  • Impact Working Group – focuses on deepening knowledge and understanding on the benefits of impact assessment for customers and communities and exploring application of the Energy Charter Impact Framework.
Energy Charter Architecture 2024

Customer Voice

Energy Charter signatories regularly collaborate and engage with customer and community groups through Community/Consumer Outcomes Groups. The COGS are instrumental in guiding each #BetterTogether initiative.

In addition, at a strategic level the End-User Consultative Group which is made up of close to 20 end-user representatives from across customer advocates, small business and large commercial and industrial customers. It is chaired by Independent Chair, Cath Smith.

The role of the End-User Consultative Group is to work collaboratively with the Energy Charter signatories to provide a barometer of consumer and community expectations and guide strategic discussions.

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