Customer Voice @ Board

In 2019, the Independent Accountability Panel highlighted that the voice of the customer can be amplified at a Board level to appropriately influence strategic direction. 

Led by the Chair of Powerlink Queensland with Board Directors from CleanCo, Horizon Power and Stanwell, this #BetterTogether initiative is developing a Customer Voice @ Board Toolkit with better practice options for Energy Charter signatories to consider.

It has involved:

  • Collaborating with the Australian Institute for Company Directors (AICD) and the Ethics Alliance
  • Surveying to all Energy Charter signatories on better practice examples
  • Reviewing better practices examples from other industries and overseas
  • Engagement with other organisations and board members who have great examples

On 27 April 2021, the AICD launched it’s Guide to Elevating Stakeholder Voices which refers to the Energy Charter under its Customer Voice section.

The Customer Voice @ Board Toolkit will be released in May 2021.