Landholder Engagement Training February 2024

Brisbane | 27-29 February 2024 

The purpose of this training is support you – those responsible for working directly with landholders impacted by transmission and renewable development projects – to do your job well, while keeping yourself and the landholders you’re working with physically and emotionally safe.

We want to hear your feedback!

Thank you for attending the Landholder Engagement Training in Brisbane. Your involvement helped make the training a success and we greatly appreciate your engagement! We hope you found the landholder engagement experts and topics informative and supportive of the important work you are doing.

We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have a moment, please leave your feedback via our short survey to help provide insight into your experience with the 3-day training and help us to co-design the next training event.

Landholder Engagement Training Workbook

Download a copy of the Landholder Engagement Training Workbook used throughout the training in Brisbane on 27-29 February 2024.

The workbook contains:

  • Presenter and guest speaker biographies
  • Speaker presentations
  • Additional resources
  • A copy of the workshops and scenarios.

Landholder Engagement Training Presentation

Download a copy of the presentations from throughout the 3-day training event.

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Additional Resources

Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course

th9 Outdoor Services: Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course

The Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course is designed to provide you with an awareness of biosecurity threats associated with the movement of machinery, vehicles and equipment.

Biosecurity Resource list

th9 Outdoor Services: Biosecurity Resource List

The Biosecurity Resource List provides links to websites to assist with your biosecurity practices.

Thank you to IRWA for sponsoring the networking function

The International Right of Way Association (IRWA) is a global, member-led non-profit organisation established in 1934

With a number of chapters worldwide, Australia hosts Chapter 86 which holds a growing membership base of professionals working in the land access and land acquisition space. 

Current member’s experiences and fields of work range from landholder engagement and negotiation, land valuation consultants as well as staff from energy and other linear infrastructure companies.

IRWA holds networking events around the country, offers mentoring avenues and holds online sessions for its members covering relevant industry topics and learnings, presented by current members and other industry leaders. 

Annual membership is open to anyone currently or previously working in our industry and enquiries can be progressed by reaching out to Jamahl Waddington on or 0402 148 160.

Better Practice Renewables and Biodiversity: Opportunities for Collaboration Guide launch

We were thrilled to launch the Better Practice Renewables and Biodiversity: Opportunities for Collaboration Guide on February 27, which showcases several environmental interventions at every stage of renewable energy project development, from energy system design to end-of-life. It outlines some of what is possible through case studies and identifies opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

Event hosts

Anne Whitehouse

Event Coordination – Sales Assured


M: 0412 206 621

Amy Abraham

Training Facilitator – The Energy Charter


M: 0411 031 606