Our Strategic Roadmap

Together, we are the Energy Charter.

Empowering one another to deliver better energy outcomes for all.

Our commitments to the Five Principles of the Energy Charter are underpinned through the pillars of our strategic roadmap:

  • Culture change: inspire and enable customer centric culture across the energy sector
  • Collaboration: #BetterTogether collaboration to achieve better outcomes for customer and communities that go beyond what any of us could achieve alone
  • Transparency + accountability: amplify consumer and community outcomes and enable continuous improvement through authentic disclosure and accountability mechanisms
  • Credibility: celebrate that we are CEO-led with diverse representation across industry, customer and community groups and a unique ability to take a whole of sector view, to collaborate, innovate and strive for better customer and community outcomes. 

Our key activities

  1. #BetterTogether initiatives: Collaborative initiatives that focus on delivering tangible customer and community outcomes.  
  2. Accountability Process: Full Signatories publicly disclose how they are delivering against the Energy Charter Principles through Public Disclosures and engagement with their customer/community councils or stakeholder forums, highlighted in Feedback Summaries. 

Our values