Disclosure Reports

Accountability + Transparency

As part of their commitment to the Energy Charter, Full Signatory CEOs agree to publicly disclose how they are delivering against the Energy Charter Principles through Public Disclosures and engagement with their customer/community councils or stakeholder forums, highlighted in Feedback Summaries. 

Signatories assess their maturity against the Energy Charter Maturity Model, indicating where on the maturity scale they are, where they intend to progress to, over what period and how they plan to achieve this. 

The Energy Charter also publishes an annual #BetterTogether Disclosure which sets out how collaboration through the #BetterTogether initiatives have delivered tangible outcomes for customers and communities, themes of focus for future #BetterTogether initiatives and identifies areas for continuous improvement. 

The Energy Charter Industry Working Group meets with the End-User Consultative Group and representatives from Signatory Customer and Stakeholder Councils to reflect on the yearly Accountability Process to review and reflect and discuss suggestions on how we can do better.

The key themes highlighted in the Accountability Process are discussed by our CEO Council to guide the agenda for sector collaboration through the #BetterTogether initiatives.

2023 Accountability Process

Each year the Energy Charter provides Disclosure Guidance to support Signatories in the preparation of their Disclosure and supporting Feedback Summary. 

The 2023 Guidance was co-developed with the Energy Charter Measures, Metrics and Maturity (MMM) Working Group and incorporates all recommendations made through the Independent Review of the 2022 Decentralised Accountability Process by former Independent Accountability Panel Chair, Clare Petre. 

From 2023, some Signatories will be reporting on a calendar year basis, so will hold over their annual Disclosure until March 2024.

2023 Disclosures

Previous Disclosures + Feedback Summaries

Read the Disclosures and Feedback Summaries from 2019-2022 to discover the ongoing commitments Energy Charter Signatories have made to deliver better outcomes for customers and communities.

The Evolution of Accountability

Transparency and accountability to commitments to better customer and community outcomes through the Energy Charter are critical. Learn more about our Accountability Process and the evolution of accountability over the years.