November 2023 News Update

In the November 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley shares share strategic highlights from the annual Energy Charter Disclosures as well as future priorities for collaboration for customers and communities for the year ahead. 

We also provide an update to the #BetterTogether Evaluating Transmission Undergrounding initiative with the survey now live to help understand community perspectives on decision-making about new transmission lines. 

You can also register for the CEO Forum in December: Charting a Better Energy Future as well as find a list of all other upcoming events.

September 2023 News Update

September 2023 News update

In the September 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley states the importance of the accountability and transparency mechanism for better outcomes for consumers and communities. At the end of this month, Full Energy Charter Signatories will publicly share their annual Disclosures on how they have met their commitments to the five Energy Charter customer principles and opportunities for continuous improvement.

We also provide an update to the #BetterTogether Life Support initiative and critical findings in the 2022 Australian Energy Foundation Report as well as the four key benefits of the initiative.

Our latest First Nations Engagement Community of Practice session is also available to watch.

August 2023 News Update

In the August 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley welcomes AusNet Services as a Full Signatory and Marinus Link as a #BetterTogether Collaborator. The Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code also held its first Customer Code Council (CCC) meeting in July where they appointed the Independent Chair and Code Administrator.

We also provide an update to the National Concessions Campaign ‘Keep the money. It’s yours’ and how it’s reaching those who are missing out on energy concessions, as well as how to get involved.

July 2023 News Update

In the July 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley welcomes new Signatoriy SA Power Networks and celebretes the launch of the Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code. 

We also take a deep dive on social licence for transmission and hear insights from our Communities of Practice. 

June 2023 News Update

In this June 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley highlights the upcoming launch of the Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code, the roll out of National Concessions Awareness and Engagement Campaign in partnership and much more.

May 2023 News Update

In this May 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley highlights the upcoming launch of the Better Practice Social Licence Guideline with an impressive panel across the agricultural and energy sectors, the First Nations Community Engagement Toolkit launch which includes insights and conversations to highlight practical ways to better engage First Nations communities, our Concessions campaign and more.

March 2023 News Update

In this March 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley, highlights our sector-first Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding with RE Alliance. We also share on recent events, plus our #BetterTogether initiatives, including the launch of the Disaster Response Playbook, Cost-of-Living Supports, Landholder and Community Social Licence and the Customer Code ‘Knock to Stay Connected’.

Energy Charter announces cost-of-living support for customers and new CEO Council Chair 2023

Chair of the CEO Council for 2023.

Welcome to Guy Chalkley, Chair of the CEO Council for 2023

Energy Charter signatories today welcomed Guy Chalkley, CEO of NSW electricity distributor Endeavour Energy, as the new Chair of the CEO Council for 2023.

“The Energy Charter is a voluntary, CEO led group of like-minded Australian energy organisations with a shared purpose and passion for customers and communities,” Guy said.  

“We collaborate across all parts of the energy supply chain to deliver better energy outcomes for our customers and communities”

“By working together, we are capable of so much more. We can be bold and resolve system wide issues so that all Australians benefit from a brighter energy future. I am delighted to Chair the Energy Charter CEO Council in its fifth year of operation.”

“I also welcome the CEO Council’s recent decision to publish a joint Statement of Support (SoS) that sets out how Energy Charter signatories are responding to cost-of-living pressures experienced by their customers and communities across Australia.”

The SoS (available here) is a commitment to align action on key relief, support and prevention measures that assist customers and communities facing vulnerable circumstances.

In addition to existing programs in each businesses, the SoS features new collaboration commitments including:

  • A nationally coordinated concessions’ awareness and engagement campaign
  • Expanding the successful NSW based energy literacy program for culturally and linguistically diverse communities into Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory to support communities facing cost-of-living vulnerability.

The SoS marks the Council’s first collaborative commitment under the Priority #BetterTogether (#BT) on Cost of Living and complements work already underway through the Landholder and Community Social Licence and Knock to Stay Connected Priority #BTs.

“The Energy Charter’s big opportunity is to keep humans at the centre of the design and delivery of energy solutions; to understand and navigate the changing needs of customers and communities as we transform to a cleaner energy future.

“There is no other collaboration like the Energy Charter; and the work we do, together, has never been more important than it is today,” said Guy.  

The Energy Charter CEO Council acknowledged and thanked out going Chair, Rebecca Kardos, the previous Aurora Energy CEO, for her outstanding leadership during 2022 and for expertly guiding the 3-Year Strategic Review of the Energy Charter.


Guy was appointed Endeavour Energy CEO in December 2019 and took up the position in April 2020. He is a highly regarded energy industry leader and influencer, and a board member of Energy Networks Australia, the peak national body representing gas distribution and electricity transmission & distribution businesses throughout Australia.

Guy has a wealth of international, financial and operational experience gained across a diverse range of sectors operating and residing in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

Guy was appointed CEO of Western Power in 2016, a Western Australian State Government-owned transmission and distribution network corporation, after earlier roles including Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Western Power, he worked for a decade at Veolia Water and Thames Water in senior finance and regulatory director roles.