May 2024 News Update

In the May 2024 news update, read more about our partnership with the Queensland Renewable Energy Council to bring renewable developers, agricultural, local government, conservation, First Nations and other community collaborators together to co-design the initial design of the Renewable Energy Code.

Last month, we also had the privilege of meeting the Lived Experience Panel for Life Support in the Home. A big thank you to Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) for supporting this important work.

The Energy Charter has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Shared Value Project Innovation Awards for the Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code, with winners announced on 9 May!

Our 2024 Accountability Guidance was published with guidance from our End-User Consultative Group.

Read more about these updates in our May News Update.

April 2024 News Update

In the April 2024 news update, annual Disclosures were published by EnergyAustralia and SA Power Networks, our CEO Council met in Sydney with special guests Brendan French, CEO Energy Consumers Australia and Louise Pogmore, Energy Partner KPMG. Our conversations centred on collaboration opportunities for energy transition and cost-of-living supports.

We also launched the Energy Charter Impact Framework: an important step in the right direction to align our #BetterTogether initiatives with tangible impacts for those in our communities. Our Impact Framework brings to focus the “so what?” factor that needs to drive both our commitments and outcomes.

March 2024 News Update

Landholder Engagement Training Brisbane 2024

In our March 2024 News Update, read about the second round of Landholder Engagement Training in Brisbane, the launch of the first-ever Better Practice Renewables and Biodiversity: Opportunities for Collaboration Guide, the Wimmera Southern Mallee Collaboration led by Wimmera Southern Mallee Development and much more.

November 2023 News Update

In the November 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley shares share strategic highlights from the annual Energy Charter Disclosures as well as future priorities for collaboration for customers and communities for the year ahead. 

We also provide an update to the #BetterTogether Evaluating Transmission Undergrounding initiative with the survey now live to help understand community perspectives on decision-making about new transmission lines. 

You can also register for the CEO Forum in December: Charting a Better Energy Future as well as find a list of all other upcoming events.

September 2023 News Update

September 2023 News update

In the September 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley states the importance of the accountability and transparency mechanism for better outcomes for consumers and communities. At the end of this month, Full Energy Charter Signatories will publicly share their annual Disclosures on how they have met their commitments to the five Energy Charter customer principles and opportunities for continuous improvement.

We also provide an update to the #BetterTogether Life Support initiative and critical findings in the 2022 Australian Energy Foundation Report as well as the four key benefits of the initiative.

Our latest First Nations Engagement Community of Practice session is also available to watch.

August 2023 News Update

In the August 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley welcomes AusNet Services as a Full Signatory and Marinus Link as a #BetterTogether Collaborator. The Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code also held its first Customer Code Council (CCC) meeting in July where they appointed the Independent Chair and Code Administrator.

We also provide an update to the National Concessions Campaign ‘Keep the money. It’s yours’ and how it’s reaching those who are missing out on energy concessions, as well as how to get involved.

July 2023 News Update

In the July 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley welcomes new Signatoriy SA Power Networks and celebretes the launch of the Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code. 

We also take a deep dive on social licence for transmission and hear insights from our Communities of Practice. 

June 2023 News Update

In this June 2023 News Update, CEO Council Chair, Guy Chalkley highlights the upcoming launch of the Knock to Stay Connected Customer Code, the roll out of National Concessions Awareness and Engagement Campaign in partnership and much more.